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1.The registered office of the Society shall be situated at Sector, G. Aliganj, Lucknow.  
  2. The objects for which the Society is established are:-  
  (i) to establish and to carry on the administration and management of the Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition hereinafter called the ‘Institute’ whose function shall be:-                   
  1. (a) (i) to provide instruction and training in all the crafts and skills, all the branches of knowledge both theoretical and applied, and all the organizational and management techniques, which are required for the efficient functioning The name of the Society shall be the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition (Lucknow) Society. Lucknow. and hotel and catering establishments of all kinds, as well as institutional feeding programmes in schools, industrial establishment and similar organisations.

(ii) to impart instruction and training in modern and scientific techniques of management of modern hotels and hostels;


(b) to undertake and to associate itself with nutritional extension and developmental work.


(c) to propose economy in the handling and utilisation of foodstuffs.


(d) to assist in and associate itself with the efforts of the Central and State Governments, to popularize wholesome non-cereal foods, particularly protective foods, with a view to the diversification of the ordinary Indian Diet and the enrichment of its nutritional content.


(e) to assist in and associate itself with the attempts of food research institutions, food scientists and food technologists to find effective and acceptable means of presenting their nutritional ideas through the development of suitable recipes and the planning of menus.


(f) In accordance with the general policy laid down by the Central Government, to prescribe courses of instructions, hold examinations and grant certificates, diplomas and other awards to persons.


(g) to fix and demand such fees and other charges as may be laid down in the bye-laws.


(h) to establish, maintain and manage halls and hostels for the residence of students and members of the staff;


(i) to supervise and control the residence, to regulate the discipline of students of the Institute and to make arrangements for promoting their health, general welfare and cultural and cooperate life;


(j) to Institute teaching, administrative technical, ministerial and such other posts as may be necessary and to make appointments thereto in accordance with rules, bye-laws and any instructions/orders and guidelines issued by the Central Government, from time to time.

(k) to institute and award fellowships, scholarships, exhibitions, loans, monetary assistance, prizes and medals in accordance with the rules and bye-laws; and

(L) within the broad framework of the policy laid down by the Central Government to seek affiliation with universities or other appropriate academic or governmental bodies or institutions and obtain the recognition of its courses of instruction, its examinations, its diplomas, certificates and other awards by the appropriate educational authorities.


(m) to make rules and bye-laws for the conduct of the affairs of the Institute and Society and to add to, amend, vary or rescind them from time to time;


(n) to give pensions, gratuities or charitable aid to the teachers, staff and other employees or ex-employees of the Society or to their wives, children or other dependants; subject to orders/instructions issued by the Central Government in this regard from time to time.


(o) to make payments towards insurance and for and contribute to provident and benefit funds for the benefit of any person employed by the Society or to the wives, children or other relatives or dependants of such persons;


(p) to acquire, hold and dispose off property in any manner whatsoever provided that the prior approval of the Central Government is obtained in the case of acquisition or disposal of immovable property;


(q) to deal with any property belonging to or vested in the Society in such manner as the society may deem fit for advancing the functions of the Institute;


(r) to borrow and raise moneys with or without security or on the security of any Mortgage; Charge or Hypothecation or pledge over all or any of the immovable properties belonging to the Society or in any other manner whatever; subject to the approval of the Central Government.


(s) To build, construct and maintain houses, hostels, schools or other buildings, and alter, extend, improve, repair, enlarge or modify the same including any existing building and to provide and equip the same with light, water, drainage, furniture, fittings, instruments, apparatus and appliances and other things for the use to which such buildings is to be put or held.


(t) to construct or otherwise acquire, layout, repair, extend, alter, enlarge, improve and use any land, recreation or playgrounds, parks and any other immovable property belonging to or held by the Society.


(u) to start, conduct, print, publish and exhibit any magazines, periodicals, newspapers, books, pamphlets or posters that may be considered desirable for the promotion of the objects the Society;


(v) to maintain a fund to which shall be credited
(a) all moneys provided by the Central Government;
(b) all fees and other charges received by the Society;
(c) all moneys received by the Society by way of grants, gifts, donations, benefactions, bequests or transfers, and;
(d) all moneys received by the Society in any other manner or from any other sources.


(w) to deposit all moneys credited to the Fund in such banks or to invest them in such manner as the Society may, with the approval of the Central Government decides.


(x) to draw, make, accept, endorse, and discount Cheques, Notes or other negotiable instruments, and for these purposes to sign, execute and deliver such assurances and deeds as may be necessary.


(y) to pay out of the funds belonging to the Society or out of any particular part of such funds the expenses incurred by the Society from time to time including all expenses incidental to the formation of the Society and management and administration of any of the foregoing objects including all rent, rates, taxes outgoing and the salaries of the employees.


(z) to maintain proper accounts and other relevant records and prepare an annual statement of accounts including the balance sheet in such form as may be prescribed by the Central Government.


(aa)To have the accounts of the Society audited in such manner as the Central Government may direct and to forward annually to the Central Government the accounts duly certified by the auditors together with the audit report thereon.


(bb) to constitute such committees or sub-committees as it may deem fit.


(cc) to delegate all or any of its powers to the Board of Governors of the Institute or to the Executive Committee or to any of the Committees or sub-commit-tees constituted by the Society or the Board, or to anyone or more members of its bodies or its officers.


(dd) to do all such lawful acts, deeds or things as may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the Society.

4. No immovable property of the Society shall be disposed of in any manner whatsoever without the approval of the Central Government.
5. The Central Government may issue such instructions to the Society or the Institute as it may consider necessary from time to time for the furtherance of the objects of the Society and for ensuring proper functioning and control of the Institute and the Society shall comply with such instructions.

6. The Central Government may appoint one or more persons to review the work and progress of the Society or Institute and to hold enquiries into the affairs thereof and to report thereon, in such manner as the Central Government may stipulate. Upon receipt of any such report, the Central Government may take such action and issue such directions as it may consider necessary in respect of any of the matters dealt with in the report and the Society or Institute, as the case may be bound to comply with such directions.

7. The income and property of the Society, however, derived, shall be applied towards the promotion of the objects as set forth in this Memorandum of Association subject nevertheless in respect of the grants made by the Central Government to such limitations as the Central Government may, from time to time, impose. No part of the income and property of the Society shall be paid or transferred directly or in-directly by way of dividends, bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to the person who at anytime are or have been members of the Society or to any of them or to any person claiming through them, or any of them provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration of any member thereof or any person in return for any service rendered to the Society or for traveling allowance, halting, or other similar charges.
  8. The names and addresses and occupations of the first members of the Governing body of the Society (referred to in the rules and bye-laws as the Board of Governors) to which by rules and bye-laws of the Society, the management of its affairs is entrusted are available at institute.  

Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition

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